Contact Information

The “Contact Information” grid-part is a custom grid-part tailored for use in your header.

You can use it to add your contact information such as your address, email and phone number, or to add any custom content such as a “Get 20% off with coupon BLKFRDY“.

On the top you’ll be able to add your custom content, You an add text and links, and format your text.

When changing the “Background Color” setitng, the Gridd theme will automatically select the color for your text to ensure maximum readability and compliance with WCAG regulations.

The font-size setting is relevant to your main font-size, so a value of 1em will make your contact information have the same size as your main content.

Similarly to other grid parts you can change the padding for this grid-part to add some spacing around your content.

Finally, using the text-align control you can select if you want your content aligned to the left, center or right.

Text Color

In the Gridd theme the text color is automatically calculated based on the background colors to ensure maximum readability and compliance with accessibility regulations.

If you are using Gridd Plus then you will be able to change the text-color fot the contact-information block. By default this is set to “Auto” mode which will select either black or white text, but there are 2 more modes you can choose from:

  • Recommended – allows you to choose from an array of colors whose contrast with your background is WCAG-compliant
  • Custom – allows you to select a custom color.