Nested Grid

Nested grids are a part of the Gridd Plus plugin and allow you to build more complex layouts.

A nested grid has the following settings:

  • Grid – Allows you to create a custom grid and add grid-parts inside it.
  • Padding – Adds a padding to the container of the grid. Use any valid CSS value (20px, 1em etc).
  • Grid Gap – Adds a gap between grid-parts. Use any valid CSS value (20px, 1em etc).
  • Maximum Width – Allows you to define a maximum width for your nested-grid. Use any valid CSS value (20px, 1em etc).
  • Background Color – Allows you to define a custom background color for the nested grid. Individual grid-parts have their own background color, but if they are not opaque the nested grid’s background color will be visible underneath them. In case you are using a grid-gap, the background color will also be visible between grid-parts.
  • Drop Shadow Intensity – Similar to the setting found in the Header.
  • Sticky – Allows you to make the nested grid container stick to the head of your document on scroll.