Customizer Templates

The Q Theme allows you to create different templates for different parts of your site, right from inside the WordPress customizer!

Imagine a “Template” as a snapshot of your settings. You can create different “snapshots” like that, and apply them to different parts of your website. So you can have a different layout for the frontpage, a different layout for your blog posts, or even a specific page.

While you’re in the customizer, you’ll notice a new bar on the top of your preview pane. You can use that to edit and create your templates.

You can click on the plus icon on the right of the bar to open up a menu that will allow you to create your template.

Once you click the plus icon, you’ll see a new area where you can select where the new template will be applied.

Simply click on the rule that you want, and click on the Save Grid Template

Depending on the page you’re on, you’ll be able to select from one of the following rules:

  • Single post (applies to the post you’re currently previewing).
  • Shop page (Specific to WooCommerce).
  • Frontpage.
  • Blog page.
  • Archive for a post-type.
  • Cart page (Specific to WooCommerce).
  • Account page (Specific to WooCommerce).
  • Checkout page (Specific to WooCommerce).
  • All single posts in a specific post-type.
  • All single posts – regardless of their post-type.
  • 404 page.
  • Posts with featured image.

Once you click on the Save Grid Template b

You’ll now be able to see which rule is selected for this template on the left side, and on the right you’ll be able to delete the template.

You’ll also notice that the default WordPress “Publish” button has been replaced by an “Update Grid Template” button.
When you’re previewing a page that has a template, any changes you make from the customizer will only be saved to this template and will not apply site-wide.
Once you create a template for a rule, a separate set of options is saved in your database and it is used when the selected rule evaluates as true.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Deleting a template is a non-reversable process. When you delete a template, the rule will no longer apply and your pages will use the default Customizer options instead of the customized set from the template.

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