Lazy-Loading Grid Parts

Not all parts of a page are created equal. Some parts of your pages can be loaded after the content loads and your users start consuming your content. For example your site’s footer is never the first thing someone sees when they enter a website. That means that you can make the initial page-load of your page faster by first loading the content your users will see first, and other parts – like the footer – can be loaded after the initial page-load, therefore making your site feel a lot faster.

In the Q theme you have the option to lazy-load certain grid-parts such as the footer and widget areas.

Lazy-loaded widget areas include “skeleton templates” that are shown while that part of your page gets loaded. That makes the user’s visit more pleasant and your pages feel snappier and faster.

Important note: This functionality uses the WordPress REST API and custom endpoints. If you have for some reason disabled the REST API on your website, then don’t use this feature.

Please add a widget to this widget area to see your content.