Gridd Plus

Extend the Gridd theme with this addon plugin and get access to more amazing features:

Nested Grids

Create as many nested grids as you want for more advanced layouts. Similar to the way the Gridd header and footer work, you can use nested grids for more intricate designs.

Mobile Grids

With Gridd Plus you can choose and design your mobile views separately. A dedicated grid for your main layout, header and footer allow you to build your site’s mobile view with ease, simplifying the experience for your mobile visitors.

Anchor Headers

You can allow your users to directly link to one of the sections on any page of your site. Hover the header above for a demo.

Text Color Controls

Select from an array of WCAG-compliant colors for your text depending on your selected background for your content, breadcrumbs, widget-areas, reusable-block areas and many other grid-parts.

Select from an array of WCAG-compliant colors for your links, or define a custom color of your choosing.

WooCommerce Cart in navigation

If you have a WooCommerce store, you have the option to add the cart right in your menu! And you can even add a separate entry and icon for it in the Mobile Navigation.

Scroll to top

A unique, CSS-only implementation. light as a feather an pretty, allows your visitors to quickly get to the top of the page.

Color Deficiencies Simulator

You don’t even need to leave the Customizer! We provide all the tools you need to ensure your website is accessible in all cases.

Custom Widget Area in Mobile Navigation

That’s right, you can use a custom widget area! Put anything you want, wherever you want it. Add a custom label and an icon too.

Extended Typography Scales

More presets and the ability to define your own custom typography scale.

Custom font-sizes

Sometimes you want your breadcrumbs to be slightly smaller than your content, or a specific widget-area to have a different font-size. With Gridd Plus you get extra font-size options for grid-parts.

The above are just a sample of the extra options included in Gridd Plus.

All purchases include 1 year premium support and updates. Pricing is yearly & recurring.

Gridd Plus is currently in beta mode. Get it with a 40% discount using the RLYBRDGRDDPLS40 discount code during checkout.

The discount is provided in good faith, we ask that you report any and all issues you may encounter using our support form. By purchasing the beta version you accept and understand that this is not the final product and should not be used on a production site. All purchases will be migrated to the final version automatically once released without additional charge.

Gridd Plus is licenced under the GPL.