Kirki WCAG Link Colorpicker

The Kirki WCAG Text Colorpicker plugin is a custom control for for the WordPress Customizer and an add-on for the Kirki Toolkit.

For WCAG AAA compliance the link colors should have a 7:1 contrast with their background and a 3:1 contrast with surrounding text, while for WCAG AA compliance links should have a contrast of 4.5:1 with their background text.

WordPress Theme Developers can use this new control to automatically suggest and even automatically pick accessible link colors based on the value of a background color and text-color, significantly increasing the accessibility value of their products.

The control has 2 modes of operation: Auto and Custom.

In “Custom” mode,  users see a normal WordPress Colorpicker and can freely choose a color for their links. No calculations or suggestions are made when in custom mode.

In “Auto” mode, users can pick a hue for their links. The saturation and lightness are then auto-calculated and the best possible color is automatically applied.

By clicking on the “more details” link, users can also choose from a list of colors that comply with AAA and AA rules.


Documentation for this control can be found on the official Kirki documentation site.

Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 and above
  • WordPress 4.9

If you want to use this control with the Kirki Toolkit and not as a standalone WordPress Customizer control, then Kirki v3.0.36 and above is required.


This product is licensed under GPL 2.0
Purchasing a license gives you access to 1 year of updates and support.