Introducing Premium controls for the
WordPress Customizer

from the makers of the Kirki Toolkit

Kirki accessible-text colorpickers

We want to help our customers build accessible websites.
It all starts with the tools you give your clients. Increase the value of your WordPress theme with this premium Kirki control for the WordPress Customizer.
New WordPress-Customizer Control: box-shadows

Kirki box-shadow

Everyone loves shadows! They bring depth to our designs and make elements stand-out.

Step up your premium theme with this control for the WordPress Customizer and let your users adjust the radius, spread, color and position of their box-shadows, and even select if they want the shadow inset or outset.

New WordPress-Customizer control: box-model. Edit margins, border-widths, paddings

Kirki box-model

Adjust margins, border-widths and paddings with a beautiful and familiar UI.

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