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Changing the web one site at a time

We believe the internet has to change. It is no longer sustainable.

The Internet uses more electricity than any of us can possibly imagine. Its energy consumption and CO2 emissions constantly grow, making it clear that sustainability should be a bigger priority for companies and professionals on the web.

We believe everyone should be able to access your site.

Modern websites rely heavily on complex JavaScript frameworks, they require a lot of server resources, they are slow and inefficient. They require the latest hardware to be performant and don’t take into account slow 3G networks. bad internet connections, assistive technologies, or any scenario other than the optimal user. Websites should be light, fast, and waste as few resources as possible.

This is the belief that drives us on a daily basis. Building a better web for everyone.

Introducing the Q theme

Q is a revolutionary new theme, focuses on accessibility and sustainability. Lightning fast, secure and robust.

Q stands for Quality.

Completely customizable, with an amazing new grid system that lets you take control of your templates, and best of all it’s not a dream about what the future can look like. It’s coming. Soon. Real soon.