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From the makers of the Kirki Framework, now Premium-grade Customizer controls for your premium themes.

Kirki WCAG Text Colorpicker

Simplify your users experience with the Kirki WCAG Text Colorpicker control.

With it you can automatically suggest accessible colors your users can choose from, or they can even set it to automatically adjust the text-color as they edit their backgrounds.

Save time for your users and help them build more accessible websites.

The Kirki WCAG Text Colorpicker control shown in combination with a background-color control.

Kirki WCAG Link Colorpicker

If you ever tried to build a website that complies with WCAG regulations then you know selecting the right color for your links is no easy task.

We do all the hard math for your users, selecting the best color combinations that ensure WCAG compliance. Use in combination with our WCAG Text Color control to automate the process even further.

The Kirki WCAG Links Colorpicker control shown in combination with a background-color control and using the Kirki WCAG Text Colorpicker control set to auto-adjust the text color

Are you a WordPress theme developer?

For the better half of a decade the Kirki framework has been constantly growing and there’s a new theme using it every day

Our open-source framework adds a lot of extra controls and makes writing a theme faster for developers and enriches your clients experiences.

Rich documentation, open development on github, more that 300 themes and counting.

Just download free from WordPress.org and start using it on your themes!