The Gridd Theme

Meet a new kind of theme. One that is focused on making your content stand out. A theme that actually helps you build an responsive and accessible website.

The Gridd theme’s heart is accessible, sustainable and fast. Really fast.

Meticulously crafted and optimized, it has no bloat, no unnecessary scripts to slow down your site, no dependencies on third-party scripts.

Instead of focusing on the bling, Gridd focuses on what really matters: Making your site’s content easier to find with its SEO optimization, faster to get to with its performance optimization and easier to read on any device with its use of inclusive design patterns and our accessibility expertise.

But that’s not all… Using a unique, simple and intuitive UI you can build any kind of layout. Use the WordPress editor’s reusable blocks anywhere you want on your pages, add sidebars, custom content, menus, build your own header & footer. Use it for your e-commerce store with WooCommerce or Easy-Digital-Downloads and build your own site with ease.

Tools for developers

If you’re a WordPress theme developer you know our Kirki framework: The de-facto framework for the WordPress Customizer for more than 5 years with more than 100 releases and more than 2 million downloads.

Completely open-source and used by hundreds of themes, this battle-tested framework will save you time, enrichen your user’s interaction and make life easier.

Looking for even more? If you are building premium themes you can now use our premium controls too!

Provide a unique experience and more control capabilities to your users. Automate WCAG color selection, add a unified control for padding, margins & borders and even more custom controls for your own themes.