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Introducing premium controls for premium themes

Give your premium WordPress theme the edge it needs by using these premium-grade controls.

Kirki WCAG Text Colorpicker

Give your users the ability to automatically get accessible colors for their content.

Automatically suggest accessible colors your users can choose from, or they can even set to automatic and worry no more.

Save time for your users and help them build more accessible websites.

Kirki WCAG Link Colorpicker

If you ever tried to build a WCAG-compliant website, then you know that selecting the right color for your links is no trivial pursuit.

Say goodbye to unreadable text and indistinguishable links.

Say hello to WCAG compliance.

Kirki Box Model Control

Allow your users to edit the margin, border-width and padding of elements on your theme.

With a UI familiar from the Chrome and Firefox developer tools, this is a tool that everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

Kirki Box-Shadow Control

Shadows can enhance a website and bring depth to an otherwise shallow experience.

Let your users be creative with this simple and intuitive control.


We believe in open-source and we contribute on a daily basis with great projects

The de-facto framework for the WordPress Customizer

If you’re a WordPress theme developer wordking with the WordPress Customizer, check out Kirki. The first and most complete customizer framework.
5 years, more than 2 million downloads. Need we say more?


WCAG Color Calculations

Have you ever wanted to just give your background color and get suggestions for readable text colors, link colors etc?
With this JS library you can. This is the same script that we built for our premium controls. Now open-source and available for your own use.

PHP Color Manipulation

Convert colors, get their lightness, hue, saturation, manipulate them in ways that were never before easy to accomplish and build more rich environments using a well-build and tested PHP library

WordPress Image Resizing

Generate images on the fly with custom sizes for your WordPress themes or plugins.

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