Gridd Theme

Meet the embodiment of our beliefs: A fast, accessible, sustainable web for the future. All in a WordPress theme.

Unparalleled Performance

Every detail in the Gridd theme has been optimized for performance.
We only load what is needed, when needed, resulting in more than 10 times faster page-loads and less data than most premium WordPress themes.

Accessible and Inclusive

Building an accessible website has never been easier.

From responsive typography to optimized colors for your text and links, ARIA tags and more.Build something truly amazing.


Did you know the Internet’s carbon footprint may have already eclipsed global air travel?

Light as a feather, the Gridd Theme is not only good for your site, it’s good for the world.

Lower hosting costs, lower carbon emissions, faster browsing experiences!

Consistent Palettes

Your brand is unique, stand out with your own custom palette! Use the colors you selected consistently, both in your theme-options and in the editor.


With a revolutionary grid you have full control over what your site displays and you can build your own layout.

Whether you want a complex layout or a super-minimalistic one, Gridd lets you build your site just the way you want it.