Meet the Gridd Theme

Meet Gridd:


We believe the future of the web is fast, sustainable and accessible The Gridd theme is the embodiment of these beliefs.


With a modular codebase and minimal CSS & JS, the Gridd theme only loads the CSS and JavaScript that you need. With a phenomenal attention to performance pages load faster than ever before.

Every detail in the Gridd theme has been optimized for performance.
CSS & JS is only loaded for active parts and features on each page. In contrast to other WordPress themes, a typical page-load with Gridd includes no more than 70KB of CSS and a maximum of 3KB of JavaScript – for a total of less than 8KB gzipped. That’s 28 times less data than most premium WordPress themes.

By inlining assets, with a single request the browser gets everything it needs to render the page.


Did you know the Internet’s carbon footprint may have already eclipsed global air travel? Light as a feather, the Gridd Theme is not only good for your site, it’s good for the world.

As highlighted in the Mozilla Internet Health Report 2018, sustainability should be a bigger priority, especially as the Internet expands into new territory.

By reducing the theme’s footprint per page-load, visitors of your website or business will have a faster experience, and at the same time the reduced server-load means reduced hosting costs for your business.


The Gridd theme is the embodiment of our beliefs, built using inclusive design principles. Accessibility is not an afterthought. It’s an opportunity for greatness.

Building an accessible website has never been easier!

The Gridd Theme includes advanced features that help you create a website everyone can enjoy. From responsive typography to optimized colors for your text and links, proper ARIA tags and more features so you can build something truly amazing.


Create awesome layouts and build you dream site faster than ever before.

With a revolutionary grid you have full control over what your site displays and you can build your own layout.

Whether you want a complex layout or a super-minimalistic one, Gridd lets you build your site just the way you want it.