Gridd v1.1.16 & Gridd Plus v1.0.6 released

Today we are releasing an update for the Gridd theme and the Gridd Plus plugin.

Both the Gridd and Gridd-Plus releases are minor and contain various bugfixes and improvements.

Gridd Theme

  • New: Added slide-up mode for header searchform.
  • New: Partial support for IE11.
  • Fix: Improved accessibility for handheld navigation.
  • Fix: Inlining the comment-reply link instead of enqueueing as a separate request.
  • Fix: <select> element styles when using a dark background.
  • Fix: Group block styles.
  • Fix: Center-aligned elements inside group blocks.
  • Fix: Customizer description typo.
  • Fix: Accessibility improvements for button blocks.
  • Fix: Improved breadcrumbs styles.
  • Update: Updated DragSelect to v1.12.2.
  • Update: Block styles for compatibility with latest Gutenberg plugin versions.

Gridd Plus

  • Added font-size setting to the breadcrumbs grid-part.
  • Compatibility tweaks for Gridd v1.1.16.

As always, we urge you to update your installation to the latest versions for improved stability, accessibility & performance.